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General NMRR FAQ

What is the NMRR?

The NMRR is a web-based integrated system accessible at that streamlines the application, review and approval process to conduct research in the MOH. Designed to simplify procedures, the system enables investigators to submit relevant documents to be reviewed by the respective authorities such as Jawatankuasa Penilaian Penyelidikan (JPP) ,the ethical approval application by the Medical Research & Ethics Committee (MREC), MOH, the MOH Research Grant (MRG) application and Publication& Presentation Approval by the Director General of Health. NMRR serve as a one stop center for research application for study related to MOH specifically and also as a database for all clinical trials that are conducted in Malaysia. It is a not-for-profit Registry, with free and open access to researchers, clinicians, and the general public. Currently NMRR Version 2 will be used to replace the old version of NMRR.

Who manages the NMRR?

The appointed NMRR secretariats in the National Institutes of Health (NIH), MOH manage the NMRR. NMRR is under the purview of Sector of Ethics & Research Surveillanve, NIH Manager Office, NIH

Who can access the NMRR?

The NMRR is an internet-based register, with worldwide free and open access to registered researchers, clinicians, and the general public.

Who can register a clinical trial with the NMRR?

All investigators and researchers , from Malaysia, can register a clinical trial with the NMRR. The responsibility for registering a trial lies with the representative from the study team (also known as corresponding person) or the principal investigator or sponsor of the trial. For multi-centre trials,the corresponding person of the study or the lead principal investigator or lead sponsor should take the responsibility for registration.

What is a Clinical Trial?

A Clinical Trial is Any investigation in human subjects intended to discover or verify the clinical, pharmacological and/or other pharmacodynamic effects of an investigational product(s) and/or to identify any adverse reactions to an investigational product(s) and/or to study absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of an investigational product(s) with the object of ascertaining its safety and/or efficacy. The terms clinical trial and clinical study are synonymous . All clinical trials in Malaysia need a prospective registration in a Clinical Trial Registry which is acccording to the requirement by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA)