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General NMRR FAQ

My supervisor has registered with NMRR but her name is not in the list of investigators. How is this so and what can we do to make her name visible in the name list?

This might be due to supervisor is not assigned with any of the investigator role stated in NMRR during submission. Therefore is it advisable for study submission with supervisor to assign his/her supervisor as either one of the role stated during submission. Submisison for ethical approval by MREC, investigator is advised to make sure the role given to the supervisor is also stated in all the relevent documents submitted

What if a principal investigator is not registered in the NMRR- can the CRA register for him?

It is advisable for the Principal Investigator and other study team members to register themselves in NMRR.

Should medical students submit their CV? Or only the supervisors / clinicians supervising the research have to do so?

All investigators/researchers, and this applies to students as well, need to submit their CV.

If there is more than one person from the same company likely to be involved in the submission for an application of research approval, should they use one common login and password, or should each of them have a separate log-in and password?

This is an internal company decision. However, applicants must be aware, that using the same login and password for several people could result in a loss of control of the information in an application. Applications can be transferred to others for completion of different parts of an application or to permit review and collaboration. Regsitration will requires one person to give his/her personal information ( Name, IC No, contact detail and other). Therefore , it is advisable for a person to register with NMRR by themselves. During registration of a study , 2 person ( one act as Corresponding Person and another one as Backup Corresponding Person can be selected representing a study submision). Both will have the access the submission and can do necesaary changes whenever required.

As the sponsor of the trial, can we complete all of the applications?

Sponsors of trials may choose to support researchers by completing forms on their behalf. Sometimes , a representative company appointed by the spoonsor , a clinical research organisation (CRO) will perform the submission on behalf of the study team and sponsor. Where the Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for signing off the application to a particular review body and documents, they should satisfy themselves that their application is accurate. The individual PI must also be in a position to communicate with the relevant review bodies on the application.