Public Legal Security | National Medical Research Register
As good security practice you are strongly advised to do the following:

Keep your password confidential!

Avoid sharing or divulging your Password to anyone. This includes any person who may appear to represent or work for the Registry. Our Administrator never requires your password at any time.
Avoid using the same Web Application Password for any other web-based services such as for e-mail or for Internet Service Provider login.
Avoid choosing a Password that is easily anticipated by a third party, like your NRIC number, telephone number, date of birth, etc.. You should select a unique Password to make it difficult for anyone to anticipate.
Avoid writing down or "saving" your Password on your browser or any other software. Memorise your Password.
If you suspect your Password may have been compromised, change your Password immediately!

Ensure you are accessing the correct website!

Never access the website via a hyperlink from an e-mail. Always enter the correct website address yourself, which is and click on the Sign in button.

Only access Web Application using a secure and trusted computer!

Never access your Web Application on computers / devices which you have doubts with regard to security, such as those located in public places. If you have to use such computers (for example, when you are on traveling), change your password once you have access to a secure computer.
Keep your operating system (eg. Microsoft Windows) and Internet-related software updated with the latest security patches.
Protect your computer from viruses and malicious programs with anti-virus software and firewalls where possible. Always update your anti-virus software with the latest virus signatures.
Always log out of your Internet web application session by clicking on the "logout" button whenever you leave your computer, even for a short while. Do not simply close the browser window when you wish to end the Web Application session.