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Health Research Priorities For 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP-HRP) 2021 – 2025
Health research priorities in Malaysia should reflect the unique characteristics, needs and goals of the health sector in Malaysia. The primary goal of Malaysian health sector is to improve the health and quality of life of the people of Malaysia. This in turn, would enhance national productivity and competitiveness, with positive impacts on economic development. The purpose of identifying health research priorities is to facilitate research that provides relevant and targeted information to support the primary goal of the health sector. The resultant research outputs should improve the health status and the delivery of health care in Malaysia. From a social perspective, health research primarily aims to bring social benefits via a variety of means, including, for instance, evaluation of health-related epidemiological data in the Malaysian-setting, and industry-driven development of innovative technology with commercial value. Only some research in health technology might have a direct commercial value, but their development should be anchored primarily on the potential health benefits they will bring to Malaysians. In this document, the selection of priority areas for health research was guided by information/evidence requirements related to two fundamental principles. First, the core principles in the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP), and second is the continuing need to promote wellness and to reduce the burden of current and emerging diseases among Malaysians.